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Meetings Podcast CMM Certificate Resolution, Social Media Week Tips, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

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Todays Segments:

1) Lynn Randall
Tips and interesting takeaways for meetings, conferences and events from February’s Social Media Week in New York.

2) Dana Freker Doody
Title: Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Neighbors at trade shows can help fellow exhibitors have a great show, but they also can make each other miserable. Convention managers can help the situation with some “proactive parenting.”

3) Mike McAllen & Jon Trask on CMM Program

4) CMM Special Report with Jon Trask and Greg Ruby

Segment Producers this week (In order of appearance)

Mike McAllen

Jon Trask

Lynn Randall

Dana Freker Doody

Greg Ruby 

Mike McAllen

Mike brings his hundreds of proven worldwide resources to the fresh, creative, fast paced boutique environment that his meetings and video production company Grass Shack Events & Media has established.  Mike has an eclectic background which leads him to the communications world. Several years of firefighting instilled a hearty work ethic and the importance of teamwork to get a job done right and the love of helping people.
Mike is also the founder of three other products,, all help the meetings and events industries learn about event technology and social media in events and meetings.
Mike's list of repeat clients for the past ten years at Grass Shack Events & Media includes Oracle, MySQL, Blackboard, Hilton Hotels, Hewlett Packard, Yahoo, Wells Fargo, Siemens Medical Solutions, PepsiCo, Genzyme, Sanofi, BiogenIdec, Thompson Reuters, Vantagescore,  GAP, Restoration Hardware among many more.


Jon Trask

Co founder at 

You can find Jon at Jon(At) 
Jon has offer a free show evaluation to Meetings Planners and organizers for their next meeting. A $1500 value. All you have to do is email Jon and say you heard the offer on the podcast.  Jon has been a member of MPI since 1994, Jon earned his CMP designation in 2003. Jon has spent the last 20+ years in the audio visual and production business.
This experience, which cuts across so many different types of AV support while dealing in logistics, pre-production and project management, along with spending many years in sales give him a unique view of the disparate elements required to create a successful relationships, and ultimately to successfully support a meeting of any size. Jon was named “Meeting Professional of the Year” by the Orange County Chapter of MPI Jon keynote “Language of AV”  he has spoken to numerous meeting and events association and college classes at UCSD, OCC and CMP study groups on the subject of basic AV for planners.


Lynn Randall

Managing Member 

Randall Insights LLC

n her role as the head of Randall Insights, Lynn is passionate about helping her clients and the industry improve the performance of their meetings, events,  incentive, and recognition programs.  Her consulting practice has included all aspects of recognition strategy, event design, implementation, and measurement, with special emphasis on:
cooking up the right recipe of digital solutions to enhance a meeting, event, or incentive program
applying the lessons of neuroscience and macroergonomics to improve the lasting impact of the event experience
supercharging attendee engagement and interactivity
extracting the story from event data to provide a blueprint for action

You can find Lynn Randall 
twitter at @LcatRandall

And check out her website at Randall

Dana Freker Doody, 

The Expo Group, Vice President of Corporate Communications

Dana oversees all communication materials for in-house and client-side programs plus takes an active role in the innovative processes resulting in the creation of strategic and personalized experiential solutions. She is active in social media networks and has developed personalized solutions for several clients to take advantage of the impact of digital tools on trade shows in particular. 
Dana is a 13-year veteran of The Expo Group, a general services contractor and exhibit house, and the industry, to which she brings a strong service background from her days at Disneyland and a communications background forged in the newspaper industry. Her bachelor of arts degrees in journalism and in history were earned at Southern Methodist University.

Mom to a 10-year-old sports nut, Dana enjoys cheering at whatever is in season and supporting charities in her local community.
Dana is often heard speaking at industry conferences and meetings and otherwise questioning the status quo in our industry. 
Email: ddoody at






Greg Ruby

Started social media and event consulting business that has given him the ability to use his talents across a wide range of tasks for my clients. He have assisted many clients to expand their audiences and create content online. This company also provides association management services for smaller organizations. In addition, we offer training to organizations in the areas of responsible alcohol management in the hospitality industry and making your events more environmentally responsible.

Twitter:  @gregruby

So you can find me Mike McAllen at my Meetings and video Production Company Grass Shack Events & Media or at with my pal Jon Trask.
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